Friday, August 5, 2011

Immigration to Denmark official website

There is a lot of information on the internet for those wishing to immigrate to Denmark. There are numerous travel agencies offering this information free of charge through their websites. Getting a travel agency to help process your documents and if possible settle and integrate in Denmark is a move that will go a long way in easing a new immigrant’s life in Denmark. However, the immigration to Denmark official website offers a lot more information that is up to date and relevant. The website is run by the Danish immigration service. The Danish immigration service is one of the directorates under the ministry of immigration, refugee and integration affairs.

The immigration to denmark official website provides information about to distinct categories of migrants, those visiting Denmark in search of asylum or to reunite with their families and those wishing to get employment in the country. The immigration to Denmark official website’s section on asylum seekers contains information that will inform the person seeking asylum beforehand whether his application can be processed. The kind of support given to successful asylum seekers is also included in this section

The work and service center section of the migration to Denmark official website includes information for those wishing to migrate to Denmark for economic reasons. The website outlines the application procedures for different categories of individuals. The categories under which one can be given a visa to Denmark for work include the pay limit scheme, the positive list and the corporate relocation scheme. Application procedures are given for each scheme. Application requirements are also outlined to ensure that one only applies in the right category.

Application forms for the Greencard visa, work permit and residence permit can also be downloaded from the migration to Denmark official website. The forms contain pertinent instruction on how to fill them and what documents to attach.


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